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Digimon Adventure Pencil Boards

Taichi Yagami & Yamato Ishida / Koushirou Izumi & Jou Kido

Sora Takenouchi & Mimi Tachikawa / Takeru Takaishi & Hikari Yagami




Maybe in an alternate universe all the rational best friend characters could be best friends with each other.

#marco bert and armin shall be called sml #for small medium and large
That’s soo cute. I really wanted to draw that.

This gets like, a gazillion times more adorable when you remember that they’re the only characters that use fucking BOKU as their personal pronoun.


remember back in 2013 when literally everything was either OFF or dangan ronpa for a good four months



so epsilon basically recreated project freelancer with the AI and by recreated i mean gave himself a team. i mean while he was the alpha he was probably used to watching and calculating for the freelancers and now he’s remade that because project freelancer was great at some point like

you’ve got…


you rang?

This sailor moon scene is so funny, i just could imagine Riku running for Sora hahaha.